5 Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

January 12 2022 – Caitlyn Farrow

5 Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap
5 Reasons to Switch to Bar Soap

In a world controlled by plastic, many of us are looking for ways to eliminate unnecessary plastic. Additionally, if you’ve been paying attention to ingredients, you may be wondering what IS that you’re putting on your body?

Here are 5 reasons to switch to bar soap + a few tips and tricks for getting the most use of it!

  1. Hand-poured bar soap typically contains more natural ingredients.
    Many body washes include chemical preservatives, parabens, and other unnatural ingredients. Our bar soap uses premium natural butters and oils.
  2. No unnecessary plastic packaging.
    Avoid all of the empty plastic bottles that are tough to recycle! Thoughtful Hive soap is packaged plastic free!
  3. No paying for water.
    The main ingredient in body wash and liquid soaps is water. Cured bar soap is nearly water free. You're paying for the quality ingredients, not water.
  4. Less bacteria grows on bar soap than in shower gel/ body wash.
    When properly ventilated after use (not left to soak in a wet area), bar soap fosters less bacteria than the body wash alternative.
  5. Purchasing from a small business supports someone and their goals.
    Your purchase of our bar soap helps support my business and my mission to provide you with safe, quality products that create a clean Earth for tomorrow.

Enjoy your routine! With cleaner, quality ingredients, more versatility, less plastic and bacteria, and great fragrances, you'll fall in love with your new hygiene routine!

Tips + Tricks:
  • Use a soap dish or holder with grooves or elevated gaps to allow moisture to run off and away from the soap after use to help keep your soap dry. Dry soap = longer lasting soap! 
  • Store unused soap in a cool and dry location before use.
  • Use a natural sisal soap saver bag to increase lather and use every bit of your bar.

Ready to make the switch? Check out our growing soap collection here!


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