5 Sustainability Tips for the Holidays

November 15 2022 – Caitlyn Farrow

5 Sustainability Tips for the Holidays
5 Sustainability Tips for the Holidays

The holidays can be many things to many people, both positive and negative. For eco-minded people, the holidays can be stressful when we try to juggle traditions (gifts, decorations, meals, and more) and being sustainable. Here are 5 tips + a bonus for being more conscious about your choices this holiday season. 

Skip the wrapping paper.
Most commercial wrapping paper cannot be recycled due to the foil and ink uses. Swap out for kraft paper or repurpose old maps, fabric (scarves, large napkins, etc.), old newspapers & magazines, or children’s artwork.

Use LED Lights.
LED lights use 90% less energy and last longer!

Shop local farms!
Shop local farms for your holiday meals. Minimize the carbon footprint and maximize freshness of your food and support your community. Reach out to your local farmers market, or use the Local Harvest, a directory of farmers local to you selling direct to consumer.

Recycle your tree.
If using a live tree, research your city’s recycling programs to turn Christmas trees into mulch, wood chips, or even homes for fishes in private ponds. For more information, check out the National Christmas Tree Association for tips.

Shop sustainably!
Give gifts that are low waste, upcycled, and offer multiple uses to help spread the importance of sustainability. 

BONUS Tip: While these are useful ideas, use what you have first! If you already have wrapping paper or non-LED lights, you should use them before purchasing alternatives. It’s fun to make sustainable swaps, but creating more waste to make the swaps before they are needed is counterproductive.

Looking for sustainable gift ideas? Thoughtful Hive is full of multi-use, low waste, and upcycled gifts!


“We don’t have to engage in grand, heroic actions to participate in change. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.” By Howard Zinn



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