5 Tips to Cut Energy Usage + Costs

January 16 2023 – Caitlyn Farrow

5 Tips to Cut Energy Usage + Costs
5 Tips to Cut Energy Usage + Costs
I’m all about sustainability and making the most of our usage.
If you’re seeing this, it’s likely because you care about the environment, your footprint, and your impact.
Here are 5 fairly easy ideas for cutting your energy usage in a way that pack a big impact.
💡 LEDs us up to 90% less energy than traditional bike and last 3-25x longer.
👕Heating water for the washing machine accounts for 90% of the machines energy usage. Use a cold water detergent and save money and increase the life of your clothes.
☀️ Increase the life of your clothes and reduces your household carbon footprint by 2,400 lbs on average (saving 10-20% on your utility bill!).
📺 Smart TVs are better about using less energy than earlier models, but using the quick start feature does use a continuous stream of energy to help them boot up faster. You can also use automatic brightness control if available to save energy.
🍽 Use about 15% less energy during a dishwashing cycle by using the air dry cycle versus the heated dry cycle.


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