A longer lasting candle? Tell me more!

June 16 2021 – Caitlyn Farrow

A longer lasting candle? Tell me more!
A longer lasting candle? Tell me more!

Why would I spend months perfecting a wooden wick candle line when I already have organic cotton wicks that work?

I like failure? Just kidding, but not. This product line has taken a lot of time, patience, failure to develop, but for good reasons.

What are the benefits of wooden wick candles?

+ create a more modern look and unique flame shape that cotton can't achieve
+ provide a soft crackling sound of wood burning adding to the ambiance of the candle scent similar to a campfire or fireplace
+ strong scent throw with a wider flame burning close to the wax
+ ethically sourced from USA-native wood at FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Certified Mills
+ longer-lasting candle burning slower and lasting longer than our cotton wicks line that burns at a higher temp

Spanish glass tall candle with wooden wick, textured scent label, cork lid, featuring Day at the Races and Breakfast in Bed scents

So what makes Thoughtful Hive's wooden wick line special?

+ made with the same clean, paraben and phthalate-free beeswax and fragrances you know and love in our best selling scents
+ candle jars are made from 100% recycled Spanish glass giving it a unique subtle blue-green color
+ adds a modern, clean look to any space
+ lasts 90+ hours of burn time!
+ cork lid option keeps your candle safe from dust and debris while not in use
+ upcycle after use to hold makeup brushes, writing utensils, and more OR recycle with Thoughtful Hive for 10% off your next wooden wick candle purchase

As mentioned previously, due to Covid, the candle jars for this line are backordered until November at the earliest, so these are limited edition available SATURDAY, June 19th at 9 AM EST!


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