Find the Perfect Scent

February 21 2022 – Caitlyn Farrow

Find the Perfect Scent
Find the Perfect Scent

Online descriptions are only so helpful when it comes to choosing a fragrance that will soon fill your home. You may know what you like and just need help to find it, or maybe you're open to suggestions. This guide is designed to help you with that!

Find the perfect scent- Need help choosing which scent to fall in love with? Check out the guide to help make your decision!

Florals are popular fragrances derived from a variety of plant and flower scent notes. These are normally bright and fresh and are great paired with woodsy and citrus scents.

Check out Spring Cleansing and Savasana.

These scents are normally food and drink-related. They're the ones you want to eat and wish for more!

Check out Breakfast in Bed and Poppin' Bubbly.

You'll also find a sweet scent in every seasonal collection.

This is a combination of woodsy, spicy, and cozy scent notes. They usually include sandalwood, patchouli, and spices.

Check out Lost in the Library, Day at the Races, and Front Porch Swingin'. 


Looking for something seasonal?

Each season I release a collection of scents designed to help us enjoy all of the best parts of that season. You can find information about seasonal scents by searching Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Collection on the website. This information can also be found in Instagram highlights

Still not sure?

Check out our best sellers collection to try a customer trusted favorite! You can also check out this fun quiz over on Instagram if you'd like to match your scent to your personality. Take the quiz.

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