How to Bring Fragrance into the Kitchen

September 07 2022 – Caitlyn Farrow

How to Bring Fragrance into the Kitchen
How to Bring Fragrance into the Kitchen

My mama always said the kitchen is the real focal point of a home. It’s not the living room or the dining room despite all of the time we spend making those spaces inviting. 

The kitchen is where everyone gathers. It’s the heart of the home in a society that shows love and builds community around food. It only makes sense that you want your kitchen to be as inviting and refreshing as the other parts of your home. 

The kitchen is a place where fragrance lives regularly, from delicious meals to mouthwatering deserts, the the not so pleasant odors that we all try to avoid. 

While cooking and cleaning can keep the kitchen smelling inviting, you can also extend those inviting smells through the help of Thoughtful Hive. 


Go Gourmand: Bring the delicious foodsy scents to your kitchen 24/7. Any visitor will walk into your kitchen with their mouth watering. 

Breakfast in Bed 11.5 oz candles, 3 lined up on kitchen counter
Breakfast in Bed will have you pouring your coffee while you wish you were still enjoying it from the comforts of your bed. With scent notes of tonka beans, vanilla, almond, and maple, it's the perfect delicious fragrance.
The Summer Drink Collection is the perfect blend of sweet and yummy with a kick. This diverse collection offers something for every taste and need.

Caffeinated Pumpkin and Spice Caramel Cider are the perfect fall gourmand scents to bring into your kitchen. Combine the best of fall and inviting sweet fragrances.

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Refresh with Citrus: Citrus scents are often selected for cleaning products, so it is no surprise that we also associate these fragrances as the perfect choices for places we love to find clean.


Spring Cleansing is THE kitchen fragrance. It gives a freshly cleaned feeling with its blend of lemon, lilac, sea breeze, and juniper. 
Poppin' Bubbly is a playful, celebratory blend of fruits and champagne. Apple, raspberry, champagne, peach, and sugar bring a light and refreshing vibe to your kitchen. 
After Dark: Looking for a fragrance to wind down to after a busy day? These warm and cozy fragrances will help you relax and unwind.
Smoke + Magic is warm and fresh. It reminds you of date night under the stars in spring air with notes of tobacco leaf, bergamot, sandalwood, and amber.
Kentucky Made is a blend of tobacco and Kentucky bourbon. It's the cozy, warmth that reminds us of home.


Specially formulated odor eliminating sprays are available in Coastal Breeze, Uplifting Lemongrass, and Poppy Fields. These are great for a quick fix with a lasting effect on any odor issue.

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I can’t forget the human behind the focal point. It’s YOU. You make the space inviting, refreshing, and clean. You deserve to smell good, too, after working so hard in the kitchen. Our hand-poured soaps offer a variety of benefits and fragrances. Here are some of the best-selling kitchen favorites.

Aloe Sunshine combines the beauty of citrus and the moisturizing benefits of aloe vera. With notes of aloe and grapefruit, you'll love this addition to your kitchen sink. 
Bee You offers a bright fragrance with notes of citrus, berry, and sugar with a cute bee- themed look!
Honey + Beer smells great and becomes a perfect conversation starter in that bustling, crowded kitchen. I mean, honey AND beer?
Charcoal Facial Soap might be called a facial soap, but the added charcoal is GREAT for getting a deep clean when your hands are dirty, sticky, or greasy.

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