The Best of Fall in Your Home

September 13 2022 – Caitlyn Farrow

The Best of Fall in Your Home
The Best of Fall in Your Home

The sun shortening its hours is always my first cue that fall is near. As much as I love the cooler + cozy weather, I do miss the sun in the cooler months. Because of this, I always take the opportunity to bring warmth into my home. Here are some of my favorite ways to do dive into fall around the house.

Start Refreshed

The changing of the seasons, especially spring and fall, is the perfect time to do clean out your spaces, reorganize, and reassemble. Important places to focus on:

  • Closet- This is the most obvious as you might already switch your wardrobe for the cooler temperatures. Before you just move your things, go through them to make sure you’re keeping what you actually wear and need. Sell or donate items you don’t keep. Need to replace something? Check local thrift shops first for staple pieces- jackets, sweaters, etc.
  • Kitchen- Check your pantry for expired goods. Go through that junk door. Give those extra pens that have collected to a teacher. *throw away the cable that you have no idea what it goes to*
  • Living Room/ Dining Room/ Bedroom- Clear out clutter that may have collected. Are you making any decor swaps here? Have a plan for what is leaving the living room (storage? donate? sell?).
  • Bathroom- Clear out expired products, hygiene and cleaning supplies. 

Add Warmth

Warm tones-  Bring qualities of warmth, reminding us of fire, heat and passion- perfect for social rooms, and places that you want to feel happy. Check out these inspiration color palettes!

Warm tone color palette

Mixed Textures

Mixing textures is another cool way to bring a warm and cozy feel to any space. Consider ways to add different textures in a variety of home decor pieces.

  • Quilts, plush pillows/ blankets, lace, waffle knits, wools, tweed, velvet

My favorite small businesses to support + add texture:

Mustard, black, and yellow, handwoven macrame wall hanging artwork
Follow Wyldwood Creative on Instagram at @wyldwoodcreative

Cozy Fragrances

This one is obvious, but who doesn’t love fragrances of fall in their home this time of year. It’s the FIRST thing on my list. Popular notes this time of year range from gourmand (sweet foodys favorites) to spices (cinnamon, persimmon, cardamom, chai, etc.) to woodsy options (sandalwood, mahogany, birch, and more). Thoughtful Hive offers all of your favorite fall notes in sophisticated blends, while also maintaining only clean, sustainable, and ethically- sourced ingredients. 

Check out the fall collection to cozy up your space! 

Fall Scents with Thoughtful Hive menu: Speakeasy, Woodsy Slumber, Fall + Oats, Caffeinated Pumpkin, Spiced Caramel Cider

Bring the Outdoors In Your Home

Decorate with things you love from the outdoors. Dried florals, dried grass/ grains are popular options this time of year and easy to find. Add neutral tone pumpkins and natural woods to your space for added texture.

coffee cup sitting on wood slice on table with leaves and white pumpkin
Photo by Ioana Motoc:

Add It All Together to Different Spaces in Your Home

  • Wild Clemintine Co. offers sustainable + practical home goods (most famously known for her reusable dish covers!) in a variety of warm tones and fun patterns that are perfect for the social events of fall (hello Thanksgiving dishes!). These bowl covers are great when bringing a dish to a potluck or keeping leftovers fresh at home. 

pear print reusable dish cover on bowlFollow Wild Clementine Co on Instagram @wildclementineco

  • Bauble Bee Co. also brings warmth and sustainability to your living space with the help of reusable paper towels (also known as unpaper towels) in fun fall options! Save money + the environment. A single reusable paper towel can easily replace 5 traditional rolls. (You can also score a variety of other reusable options for your family!) 

Reusable paper towels, fall leaves + mushroom printFollow BaubleBee Co on Instagram @baublebeeco

  • Jana at 2WorldsArt creates beautiful artwork that adds warmth and relaxation to any space. Check out this soothing Fall Tree Watercolor Painting that you would look perfect in any home. While you’re displaying your new artwork, you can listen along to her podcast, Artistically You. 

Fall Tree Watercolor PaintingFollow Jana and her work on Instagram @jana_2worlds

Outside of the Home

It’s not enough to just stop in the home. Fall deserves a nod in all areas of your life.

"Fall has always been my favorite season. The time when everything bursts with its last beauty, as if nature had been saving up all year for the grand finale.”
- Lauren DeStefano

  • Share fall with loved ones with the help of Queen Fayzel and her handmade, heartfelt, sassy greeting cards for thoughtful people. There’s just something so fulfilling about sending handwritten cards in a digital world. It says “I made an effort to send you a smile.
              Hey boo silver sparkling ghost on orange cardHiya Pumpkin waving orange pumpkin on white cardI've Fallen For You falling leaves on white cardFollow Queen Fayzel on Instagram at @queenfayzel
  • FullBloom&Co brings uses her stationery for a cozy self care moment is just doing simple paper collages on my journal. During these collage sessions, she feel no pressure to think or write down her feelings. She uses her stickers to decorate envelopes when writing cards to loved ones, and ever since becoming a mom, she uses this time of the year to catch up on her kiddos scrapbooks. She lights up a candle, make herself her favorite cup of tea, and sits down in silence just gluing cute pictures and memorabilia.

Pens, journal, stickers, and assorted fall stationeryFollow FullBloom&Co on Instagram at @fullbloomandco

  • Bring fall fragrances into the workplace with room + linen sprays and wax melts and in your car with the perfect car freshener. 
car freshener hanging from car mirrorFall + Oats Room + Linen Spray on white cloth

Happy fall y'all!


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