What Going Through My Trash Taught Me

March 15 2021 – Caitlyn Farrow

What Going Through My Trash Taught Me
What Going Through My Trash Taught Me

One of the best recommendations I received when I wanted to start my journey towards a more sustainable and low waste living was to complete a trash audit.

What is a trash audit?

A trash audit is a conscious review and study of your trash and recyclable and compostable items usually over an extended period of time. During that time, you would record what things you notice are frequently being thrown away.

Use this recording to notice what's being thrown away often and not recycled and/or composted. How can you minimize those items?

For example, if you have several plastic sandwich bags being thrown away from lunches and snacks, you can purchase reusable silicone plastic bags instead.

This is also a great time to check to make sure the items you're recycling are actually recyclable. Often, we recycle items because we think they are (while plastic bottles are often recyclable, their lids are usually not). Keep reading for a copy of our free downloadable trash audit tracker.

My Revelation from Our Trash Audit

I've always been a candle addict. My love of candles rubbed off on my husband, too. Unfortunately, going through candles frequently left me with glass jars that weren't recyclable in my area. When I realized how much glass was adding up and that I didn't really know if the candles I was burning were truly safe, I stopped buying them. I switched to melts, but that didn't stop me from missing the ambiance of a candle.

I had to find a better way, and I'm so thankful I did.

You can feel good knowing your Thoughtful Hive candles and melts are designed with sustainability in mind. We're saving unique pieces from a long life in a landfill and helping you keep relaxing candles in your life.

Our Hope for You

We hope that you feel drawn to a try a trash audit like we did. In doing so, I hope it shows you maybe one or two areas where you can improve. Starting small can be a feasible and more affordable way to make changes with a big ripple effect.

We also hope you'll keep supporting and shopping Thoughtful Hive for all your candle needs.

And stay tuned for an email about our refill program!

Want to do your own trash audit? Click the link below for a free trash audit tracker from us! This is a great activity to do with your kids, too!



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