Why I Do the Work I Do

January 05 2023 – Caitlyn Farrow

Why I Do the Work I Do
Why I Do the Work I Do

When I share what goes on behind the scenes, I often get asked “Why do you do all of that? Is it worth it?”

It is worth it… with a huge resounding YES!

Here’s why:

I love nature. 

Spending time outdoors in the calmness of nature is where I feel the most at peace. Observing the beauties of plants and animals and the way they interact with each other. It’s harmony if you take the time to notice.

Because of that fact, I want to protect nature. Protecting nature and the planet means being careful about ingredients both in sourcing and use to avoid depleting natural resources and unwanted side effects. 

My business also allows me to give back to organizations that are fighting to protect nature and its inhabitants, like The Bee Conservancy and The Bee Girl Organization

I’m a mom. 

Their health and safety are top priorities for me. Unsafe ingredients that can cause unnecessary adverse side effects are not worth it to me, even if I do love the way they smell.

I also want to make sure that I’m protecting nature so that they have plenty of nature to enjoy for their generation and the ones that follow them.

I love old, beautiful things.

I love finding beautiful things from the past. Thrifting and shopping estate sales brings me so much joy. I love protecting those pieces from landfills.

This work gives me the opportunity to bring new life to those pieces for others. It allows others a new way to access the beauty in their spaces.

It helps minimize the energy and resources spent to create something new and single-use. 

If you care about nature, the health and safety of people, pets, and the planet, and maybe you also love old, beautiful things, then Thoughtful Hive is right place for you. 

I do this work because my love of these things drove me to research better solutions. I love having a home that smells amazing, specific scents bring me peace, joy, and help me focus, but I couldn’t enjoy those things with the guilt. 

When I found beeswax and truly clean and safe fragrances and realized I could combine those with old beautiful things and recycled goods and other sustainable packaging options, I knew it was something I wanted and HAD to do. 

Enjoy the products that value safety and nature while promoting relaxation and joy by shopping Thoughtful Hive. 



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