About Us


I created Thoughtful Hive to bring eco-friendly, sustainable, people, pet, and planet safe home fragrance products that promote relaxation and joy to the market. My mission is to provide you with sophisticated fragrances that WOW you and allow you to relax without fear or guilt about ingredients and harmful impacts. I do the research and the making, so you can just enjoy.

I'm Caitlyn, the owner + maker (and everything else) behind this one-woman handmade business in Kentucky. I'm a mom of three boys under seven! I work full time in education (which might be why I love doing research so much!). When I'm not at work or doing all of the things for Thoughtful Hive, you can typically find me with my family enjoying the outdoors at a baseball game, going on a hike, or playing with our dog, Lola. My family and our love for the outdoors is the reason Thoughtful Hive was ever created out of a love for them and the desire to protect them and their health. I absolutely love being creative and trying new things and techniques, which is one of the main reasons you'll always find new products and what makes the repurposed collection so fun! This need for creativity during the pandemic is another big reason for my jump into candle-making.


1. I'm an enneagram 8, human design Projector, Aries, and INFJ. If you know anything about any of those, then you probably know a good bit about me already! If you are any of those things, hello friend!

2. I love reading and listening to podcasts. I particularly love thriller/mysteries and young adult novels with a splash of memoirs. When listening to podcasts, I gravitate towards true crime and business related podcasts.

3. My husband and I love baseball. We are working through visiting every MLB baseball park. We're currently at 10/32 plus the 2021 All-Star Game and Home Run Derby! #baseballforlife


I absolutely loved candles and the way they could boost my mood or help me relax or focus depending on the scent. But when I got pregnant with my first child, I started questioning whether or not the were safe for the new baby in our home when I started doing research about the things we frequently used. I didn't want to take any chances, so I stopped burning them altogether and focused on motherhood.

When the pandemic hit, I had time to research and dig into passions that I hadn't had time to pursue. As I started learning about the ingredients in so many candles I had previously enjoyed, I knew there had to be something better and safer.

That's when I found beeswax and learned about different fragrances and ingredients that make up fragrances (both the safe and not safe ones). When I started making them and sharing with others what I was working on, I learned that so many others were in similar situations- not using candles at all because the couldn’t find something they trusted or using candles they weren’t happy with until they found the right one. Insert Thoughtful Hive into the world in January 2021.

Since then, I’ve met so many amazing people that love our products and are happy to have something that doesn’t leave them with headaches or stuffy noses or worse! I’ve added additional products, and I can’t wait to continue bringing you home goods you can trust to be eco-friendly, sustainable, and people, pet, and planet safe while still smelling and feeling amazing!